Grilling Time Is Here

When I think warm weather, things like fishing,playing outside,  and especially GRILLING comes to mind. Now, I try to grill out as much as possible, but when its nice outside, that’s when you get to enjoy it.  Grilling would have to be my first choice of cooking mainly because of the lack of cookware that is used and therefore has to be cleaned. Whether your choice of grill is charcoal or propane, you can agree that cooking outside on a beautiful day wins everytime. So what do you grill?  What can’t you grill? There are so many techniques and tricks, that you can constantly try something new..

Take the hot dog for example. You can grill it in a matter of minutes, throw it on a bun with some condiments and make someone happy. Then you can stuff it with cheese and wrap it in bacon, fight the flames, and have something a little different to throw on your bun.



I’ll admit, when it comes to bacon, I prefer nothing but crispy. Which is a challenge to achieve on these, I’m sure there is a way, I just haven’t quite got it yet. Nonetheless, the bacon adds so much flavor to the simple yet, popular grilling item known as the hot dog.

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