Better than cardboard pizza


You know those pre-made pizza crusts you see in stores? Have you ever try one? You definitely should!! They only need to bake for 10 minutes and the best part is that you decide what goes on it!!! You can create your favorite pizza right at home. This one we made in the above picture is on a flat bread pizza crust with Italian sausage, red onion, and red peppers.


You can also get personal pan size crusts that are perfect for the kiddos!! The prep for these crusts are awesome as well!!! Prep your ingredients, preheat your oven to the specified time, brush a little olive oil on your crust ( FYI go lightly on the oil), build your pizzas, and by time they are ready your oven will be hot and just bake for 7-10 minutes and you’ll have a great, fast, and cheap pizza dinner!  Plus, this is a fun meal the kids can help create with you!!! ENJOY…

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